April 25, 2010

I did it!!!

I can't believe it - my cleanse is complete. After every medicine and procedure I have tried not working, Sam and I decided to go the natural route for my infertility problems. I found a doctor in Park City that specializes in that, and when she suggested starting out with a cleanse, I didn't think twice. After gagging down my first of many, many shakes and absolutely starving that first day, I did not think I would survive. Three weeks later, and 10 pounds lighter, I am finished, after eating only vegetables, fruit, potatoes, rice, and the grossest shakes you have ever tasted. Imagine drinking mold. A big glass of mold, three times a day. Not even joking. The weird part is, I kind of got used to it. Not the shakes, but the food. Fruit and vegetables actually make great snacks, who would have thought. Not that I don't have my list of every single restaurant and kind of junk food I am planning to dive into... Cheesecake Factory being #1. Doesn't my doctor know I have fine tuned my body to run on chocolate and Mexican food?

Baby Joziah's Blessing

I love St. George. There aren't many places I can see myself living, but that is one of them. We had a fun day down to see baby Joziah get blessed. Being with family for blessings are one of my favorites. After church we relaxed, walked along the golf course trails in perfect 80 degree weather, and everyone else ate while I drank my nasty powder (more to come on that).
This golf course is right across the street from Matt and Jill's house. I love to run its path when we visit - brings me back to my high school running days (golf courses were the place to run - in 110 weather, the grass was much cooler to run on than the black asphalt).
Proud Daddy - Matt is such a great dad dad and brother-in-law. Him and Jill spoil us every time we visit.

April 15, 2010

Time is flying.

What a happy 3 years. It's been a blast.

April 6, 2010

Not so traditional Easter

Easter this year included none of our favorite traditions, but was totally relaxing and, thanks to General Conference, totally inspiring. Sam and I slept in, made a huge breakfast together, and ate it while we watched the morning session. Due to my cleanse, we didn't do Easter baskets, but bought some of our favorite fruits instead. For our big dinner, we skipped the ham and decided to make our 2 favorites: Sam made shrimp (my favorite) while I made his favorite sweet potatoes, a.k.a. brown sugar, butter, and marshmallow gloop. We bought all the stuff to color eggs, but ended up going to see Wayne and Kenzi instead, who just had an adorable baby girl. I usually am huge on traditions, but this Easter we skipped most of them and it was one of my favorite days yet. I give most of the credit to Conference, which somehow took away my worries and filled me with gratitude towards my Savior.

April 3, 2010

Babies, everywhere.

Provo is a hard place to live when you want a baby badly but can't have one. Pregnant ladies and babies are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Babies at church, babies at the mall, babies in strollers, babies in the grocery store, babies everywhere with huge, flower headbands.
This last year has been filled with lots of injections, pills, more injections, and lots of uncomfortable procedures, all in hopes of having one of our own.
The strange thing is, even with all the doctors telling us no, we both just know it's going to happen. Probably not soon, but someday.
For one of the first times in my life I have felt direct whisperings from my Heavenly Father telling me,
"It's going to be ok. It's going to end up a better ending than you could dream up on your own."
I trust that feeling. I trust the God has a plan for each of us, a plan greater than we could ever create by ourselves. I consider it a tender mercy, from my Heavenly Father, to feel this way when so much else is telling me not to. I love the following film. Watch it, you will too.

April 1, 2010

APriL fOoLs

With a little photo shop, Sam tricked everyone in his family. No one in mine believed it... I guess my family is just so much smarter than his... either that, or my family lies a whole lot more than his does, so we just don't believe each other anymore :)

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