November 29, 2012

Changed my blog address...

Well, apparently I have used up all of my free space on this blog, and since I am too cheap to pay a monthly fee for more storage, I have changed my blog address to:

(same address, just with a "1" at the end).

I figure this will not only save money, but if I somehow accidentally erase a bunch of pictures, the last 4 years of pictures will still be right here on this old blog :)

Sorry if it inconveniences you to switch my address,

November 7, 2012

Anything For a Banana (and some suhweeet dance moves)

Every morning when Jenna wakes up in the morning, she immediately leads me (by pointing and grunting) straight to the banana bowl. This girl LOVES her bananas. She begs for them all throughout the day and will do just about anything for one. 

November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Sam made our Halloween a hit, creating this "Strong Baby" costume. We trick or treated through Pearlridge Mall (which looks empty here, but it was packed - hundreds and hundreds of people), and Jenna had people cracking up the whole night. One of the best parts of Halloween was this morning, when we laid the fake legs on the ground out the door way of the storage room in Sam's office, making it look like there was a dead body when his secretary showed up for work. We were hiding behind the door and witnessed her freak out when she arrived. 

I had a zipper glued to my face that made it look like I was an alien in disguise, but with the humidity my face paint was almost dripping off.

We stopped every few feet for people asking to take a picture. Poor Jenna just wanted to be in bed, she was yawning the whole night :)  


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