July 19, 2010

Our looooong Road Trip

Sam and I took a true road trip last week. We drove to Washington and had a great time visiting Aaron's family for a few days. Then we drove down the Oregon coast to Sam's hometown, Crescent City, CA. This little city was amazing. It has the ocean on one side and the redwoods and the most beautiful lakes/streams on the other side. We loved spending the mornings hiking through the redwoods, the afternoons at the beach, and the evenings going out to eat and staying up late eating IT's ITs (an amazing ice cream treat that we have only been able to find in northern CA) while watching TV in our hotel room.
Aaron and Janna spoiled us big time. We went crabbing and caught about 20 of the big guys. Sam learned how to knock their heads off and we were eating them 20 minutes later. On the 4th of July we set off more fireworks than you could believe. The night ended with the guys shooting the Roman Candles at each other from 5 feet away, and Aaron got a pretty good battle wound.
Josi made me "fancy" several times throughout our stay, and Levi is the sweetest kid I have ever met. We had a blast roasting marshmallows, going to the beach, and just hanging out.
Believe it or not we spotted Bigfoot! (See above photo). Ha ha. Either that or a vampire. I am sending it in for my Twilight audition. Sam loves to take flattering pictures of me :) The redwoods in Crescent City were amazing. Some were over 20 feet wide, and 300 feet tall.

July 16, 2010

Finally feels like summer!

After a long, long winter, our 90 degree days are here and I am loving every second of it.

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