March 23, 2009

Bear Lake Weekend

Last week was Weber's Spring Break and Sam and I were feeling kind of depressed because we had no plans, when last year at this time we were heading to Hawaii for 2 weeks! So Sam arranged for us to go up to a condo at Bear Lake for a few days with Dave and Melissa.
Thursday night Sam and I headed up and spent the night swimming in their indoor pool and stuffing ourselves with pizza and ice cream in front of the cable TV. We haven't had TV for about FOREVER (7 years for me) now so we were pretty mesmerized, even the commercials had us captivated. I know, pathetic. But it felt so nice to be lazy. Sam won't admit this but we got hooked on Wife Swap.
Friday we went longboarding and sledding while we waited for Dave and Melissa. They came up late and played games and watched movies until... way too late. Saturday we spent the morning at the pool and the afternoon out on our longboards and playing on the frozen part of the lake. Sunday we had an early breakfast and booked it back to church.
Friday night dinner with Dave and Melissa
The following pictures are a result of extreme boredom. We were waiting for Dave and Melissa, who were about 3 hours late because of a doctor's appointment. Enjoy.
Dave tried this same move out on his dirtbike last summer, only it didn't turn out quite as well.
Somebody sign this boy up for figure skating, quick. He's a natural.

March 5, 2009

A quarter of a century old

What a great day! Sam woke up early and decorated the house and made me my favorite breakfast, crepes. After work we went to Cafe Rio... I never get sick of that place. I think it's the only reason we haven't switched apartments over the past 2 years.... it's only 1/2 a mile away! It just doesn't get any better. Anyways, we came home and watched Harry Potter, another one of my favorites. Sam is so sick of the series that I knew I had to take advantage on my birthday, when he can't say no. We stayed up late eating brownies and ice cream, mmmm. I never have been a cake person.

I know it's weird, but we decorate with toilet paper for birthdays. It's a tradition my family did growing up. We always wanted to decorate but my Dad would never let us buy streamers, so we resorted to toilet paper and cheesy paper signs. It felt weird just to stop doing it once I got married, so Sam and I still TP our house for each other's birthdays.

I was so happy to open this gift! My hair needs to be highlighted BADLY but each month when I get my part of our budget money I would rather but clothes, so Sam made the appointment for me and everything. Checkout the hair styles, they are actually animals. The one on the left is a walrus, the middle one is a dog, and the one on the right is an elephant. Funny huh.

I never thought I would have one of these again, but Sam got me a longboard. When I got him his he suggested getting me one but I said no way. Then our friends (who have longboards) started going together, and after having to turn down an afternoon of longboarding and then Cafe Rio with Todd and Lacey I suddenly wanted one. I won't admit whether I wanted one to actually longboard or have an excuse to go to Cafe Rio afterwards with friends :)

Thank you to my great husband, the best sisters in the world, and great parents for making March4th special!

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