August 24, 2009


Picture this: First day of school at Weber University, and lines of cars backed up at the intersection of the nearby main road. Me, running downhill, FAST. My ankle gives out, and before I know it I am sprawled out on the asphalt, right in front of that line of cars, unable to get up because I've just had the wind knocked out of me. It was awesome.

August 22, 2009


I am spoiled. While we were in Hawaii we went into an art gallery where I fell in love with the work of a certain artist, Heather Brown. I wanted to take one of her paintings home badly but the price tag put a quick end to that. A few weeks ago Sam bought a canvas and painted me a picture that has a similar style, just with his own spin on it. Thank you, Sam. I love the painting.

August 9, 2009

our new place.

So this is home for a while. We love it. We have a real backyard with a garden, and we live in a real neighborhood. We have a church across the street, rather than a bar. We have 2 next door neighbors, rather than a quick cash place and a Wendy's. We made quite the upgrade.
My favorite part of the house- the kitchen that is open to the family room. So nice to be able to talk to people while I slave around in the kitchen. Sandwiches take a lot of time to make, you know. Oh, and if you will notice the pink and green cups. When we first got married we bought these plastic cups, and two and a half years later Sam has yet to drink out of a pink "girl cup. He refuses. And he gets ticked if I drink out of his green "boy" cups.
I am quite the decorator, I know.
Our computer room/Sam's stuff.
It will be very nice to not have the bathroom door open up to the kitchen. Very nice. I don't think I need to share stories.

August 5, 2009

andersen family reunion

We had an official family reunion, the kind where you wear matching shirts and everything. It was in St. George and only for 2 days, and with family that I hadn't seen in years. Like since I was 5. My mom's family isn't too big on get-togethers. It was interesting and a little awkward, and Sam and I hung out most of the time with my sisters. I LOVED getting to see my mom, dad, and sisters and already miss them like crazy.
Outside the St. George temple
We got to share a room with these guys. My nephews are so much fun. Ethan and Sam had fun daring each other to do lots of gross things. Unfortunately, we had to switch rooms for the last night due to Kade keeping us up most of the first night with this loud humming noise he makes when he sleeps. Notice how tired we look?
Chuck-a-rama. Doesn't the name make you want to up chuck?
We spent most of Monday hiking the narrows. It was awesome! The rocks were beautiful and it was fun hiking through all the water. A few times you had to climb up a ladder under a waterfall. We had so much fun.
My family with my grandparents, Allen and Donna. My grandparents lived in Hawaii while I went to college and took very good care of me. It was fun to get to know them, since I had only seen them a few times before moving over there. They are very generous and just nice people. Donna pretty much takes care of my grandpa, as she is 25 years younger. Talk about an age gap. They put on a great reunion and I wonder how long it will be until the next one...

August 1, 2009

i love my sisters!

I LOVE having all sisters. It's the best. We have so much fun together just doing everyday things. I remember when we were younger, we would mop the floors by rubber banding sponges to our feet and skating around. Brooke and I tried the same tactic to clean the carpet, but it didn't turn out too well. We had gotten gum in the carpet and my mom left us to clean it, so we put on socks, dipped our feet in the water, and skated around on the carpet. Then we got smart and just dumped all the water on the carpet. That didn't go over too well when Brooke tried to plug in the radio...she got a little shock. I remember us sneaking gross and embarrassing things into each other's rotten bananas or old pancakes. Growing up was so fun thanks to all my sisters. I finally got to see them last week in St. George. It was only for 2 days but we had fun swimming at the hotel pool and talking, which is what we do best.

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