January 29, 2010

Dear Birthday Boy, I am sorry your birthday was spent:

  • packing
  • opening presents wrapped with grocery store ads
  • eating meals off of paper plates, made with whatever food wasn't packed

January 26, 2010

He's a Natural

We got a new camera a while back and it has some pretty funny features, ones of them being that you can add a smile to someone's face. I am really impressed with how natural it looks... the good news is that now Sam has to smile in pictures because he knows I'll do this to the picture if he doesn't :)

January 21, 2010

Family Reunion #2

After visiting my family, we headed straight to Park City for Sam's family reunion. It was a nice, relaxing week. We stayed in these cute condos and had fun just relaxing catching up. A few highlights of the week:
  • We skied at Park City and The Canyons. The Canyons was awesome! I stuck with Sam and his brothers the first half of the day, and the second half went off on my own. It was so relaxing. When I was off skiing on my own I reached the bottom of a lift just as Sam and his bothers did, so I jumped on the chair behind them. When I got to the top I realized that it was only for two double black diamond runs. Definitely not my level. Lucky for me, there was ski patrol right there who took me down on the lift. Embarrassing... good thing I am used to situations like this.
  • At night we played tennis on the Wii. I cannot help but move around and swing like I am really playing tennis. His family kept trying to get me to play just so they could get some good laughs.
  • We all brought a bunch of candy, divided it up, and betting with our candy, played Texas Hold Em'. So much fun.
  • We got to spend time with family that we hadn't seen in way too long.

January 13, 2010

Looking Back...

Has ten years really passed from the year 2000? I really can't believe it. I am going to follow my friend, Jessica, and reflect on the past decade...
  • New Year's Eve, 1999. 16 years old. Party at my house, and the boys turned off my next door neighbor's power. Turns out he worked for a hospital, and was working when the power went out. He had a bunch of equipment he had to reboot and my parents heard about it in no time (thanks for reminding me about that, Jessica!). The "cops" called and Jason was the only one who would talk to them, and tried to explain we were just drinking Martinelli's.
  • Got accepted to BYU. Made all housing plans, and at the last minute canceled them, booked a flight to Hawaii, and went to BYU Hawaii instead. One of the best decisions of my life.
  • Ran cross country for BYU Hawaii. I never hurt so bad as the first week back each season. Many of my best friends came from that team. Red eye flights, doing everything but studying at the hotels, and running more than I ever thought I could.
  • I met Sam. Went to the beach daily, studied on the beach while he surfed (aka watched him with an open book in front of me), Friday night dates in Waikiki, and fell in love.
  • Sam left for his mission in Brazil. Never knew I could miss someone so bad.
  • My sister, Ashley, joined me at BYU Hawaii. We were joined at the hip. Having family there made that place complete. Never did homework, always at the beach, worked in the cafeteria, learned to surf, never laughed so much.
  • Graduated from BYU Hawaii. Sam came home, and it felt like he had never left. So happy to be back with him, waiting for him to propose, missed Hawaii so much, time to move onto new things.
  • Got MARRIED to Sam. Moved to Utah for Sam to finish school. Sam graduated. Realize more and more everyday what an amazing person he is, and how lucky I am to be married to him.
  • Sam graduated, got a job, and welcome to real life!
While it's hard to see it while it's happening, it's easy to see how Heavenly Father has guided me every step of the way throughout each year. Can't wait to see what the next decade holds for us!

January 8, 2010

Thank you, Sam.

On our drive back to Utah (from Arizona), Sam some these caves from the road and insisted we hike up to them. So after hiking through snow up to our knees and me complaining for half an hour, we made it up. It was worth it, they were awesome. Thank goodness for a husband who makes life exciting.

The boys

After growing up with all girls, it is so fun now to have all nephews. Boys are so much fun. Rhett is 8 and always wants someone to jump on the trampoline with or to talk Star Wars lingo to. Ethan, who is 5, is a master burper, and can do the hugest burps on demand. With Sam egging him on, he burped the loudest burps I have ever heard for a good ten minutes. Really gross, but we could not stop laughing at him gulping down air as fast as he could. Kade is 2 and so darn cute.
Santa brought the boys a puppy for Christmas. Whenever Sam held him his legs would shoot straight up in the air, it looked so funny.

Family Traditions

It seems like Christmas is packed with us trying to get in every last one of our holiday traditions. I love it. I have so many good memories of doing these things that I love each Christmas season. I didn't get a picture of my very favorite tradition- our all day shopping trip with a break at Oregano's for lunch. Sam's tradition includes baby sitting the kids all day while we shop (what a great husband I have).
The traditional jumping picture.... Brooke is about to go down.
I love this picture. Expect for Brooke who is missing (on the floor, which explains why we are laughing so hard) , I think it captures how much we love being together.
We got to be there for Britt's big day - 19 years old!
And the traditional donuts... I love these things. The donut holes are impossible to stop popping in your mouth.

Christmas Break, Part I

This Christmas break we spent the first week with my family in Arizona, and the second week with Sam's family at a condo in Park City. It was a BLAST!
The traditional Christmas Eve nativity play, with not-so-traditional costumes. You didn't know Batman was part of the nativity? You really should read your scriptures more. Cody was Joseph, I was Mary, Sam was the donkey, Brittany the angel, and everyone else some sort of shepherd.
The traditional white elephant party. There were lots of rare finds, as always. Why does no one ever trade at this party? Ally got the only PG-13 aerobics video ever made.
Ashley got some rocks covered in dog doo-doo
And I got some Preparation-H, applicator included and all. It was used. Gross.

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