September 26, 2011

Little Jenna

Introducing Jenna Lynn Bates, born September 20th at 11:03 pm. She is cute as can be and we are so happy to finally have her home with us.
Labor and deliver went smoothly, but she soon after had breathing problems and spent the week in NICU hooked up to all sorts of machines and IVs and tubes. It was the hardest thing to see her like that, and go home without her the first few nights. Thankfully, she recovered quickly and is home doing great. We feel so blessed to have this little girl in our home. I can't stop kissing her soft little cheeks, and Sam is the proudest Dad around.

September 8, 2011

One week to go...

And feeling great! A little too great... I think baby girl is a little too comfortable inside, and we are so ready to meet her already! Today at my Dr. appointment my doctor agreed that it is looking like she may come late. I have been putting off packing my hospital bag and doing all the last minute preparations, because I feel like I will jinx myself and she will come even later if I do. I keep thinking that if I put it off I will wake up any night now having to throw it all together and rush to the hospital last minute, just because when I am not prepared that's usually when stuff happens :)

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