August 22, 2010

Rich and Rach

Richard and Rachel took the trek down to Provo to join us for a day. Each time we have gotten together this summer, we seriously are jinxed with weather conditions. From our 30 degree, extreme winds, camping trip to tubing down the freezing Provo river with zero sunlight, we have been left with some pretty funny memories.
We thought it would be great to rock climb first, then tube down the river when we were all hot from climbing all day. We ended up climbing longer than we planned on, got to the river as the sun was going down, and finished the river run near frozen. We definitely realized it was too late to be tubing when Rachel almost got pegged in the head by a bat :) We were all literally shaking and were laughing at just about everything by that point. We made up for the pain and ended the night at Carrabbas.
Last month we got to go to Lagoon together as well. We had a blast at the water park in the rain, almost making Richard lose it on the spinning swings :) , getting drenched on Rattlesnake Rapids, and eating out at Pei Wei afterwards. I love it that Utah is finally catching on to all of the great AZ restaurant chains!

August 18, 2010

Lazy weekend

Saturday was nice. We rode Sam's motorcycle up the Payson canyon where we met up with Jamie, Kolby, and baby Mckenzie at Payson Lake. Jamie and I walked the trails while the guys fished. I know we really should be making new friends here in Provo but we just enjoy meeting up with our Ogden friends every chance we get :)

August 14, 2010

AZ for a weekend

I was lucky enough to get to fly home to AZ for a few days, and some much needed family time! We spent the first couple days in Snowflake at the Flake Family Reunion, and the last couple days swimming, shopping, getting spoiled by all mom's good cookin', and just hanging out. Having all sisters is too much fun... it makes it too hard to be away! (We missed you, Ash!)

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