April 30, 2012

Family Vacation

Sam and I took 2 weeks to visit both of our families. It was wonderful! We spent a few days in Arizona with my family, about a week in Wyoming with his, and a few more days in Arizona. Highlight's included being there for my mom's birthday, General Conference and Easter with family, perfect AZ weather walks, watching the boy's baseball games, Matt surprising us with his boys in Rawlins, and getting to visit Nana and Papa at their new house for the first time. 

April 27, 2012

Little shopper

My mom said that when I was little and she would take me to run errands, I would beg her, "Just one more store Mom, just one more store!" Jenna might look like Sam (so everyone says) but maybe she got a little of my personality. The girl LOVES to go shopping.

April 26, 2012

Not so sure about this...

April 17, 2012

6 Months Old...

and couldn't be any sweeter. She babbles, squeals, and grins ear to ear. She loves being thrown around by Dad and going on walks and shopping with Mom. She goes to bed early(6ish) and it is all we can do to not wake her up to play after a couple of hours because we miss her already. We love our little Jenna girl.


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