May 21, 2010

Days like this should never end.

This last weekend was one of the best. Really. It included:
  • Frozen yogurt and TP-ing with 2 of our best friends, Richard and Rachel (Yes, TP-ing... started out kind of as a joke and we ended up going for it and it was awesome. They let us stay over at their house so we didn't have to wake up at 3 am for the...
  • Ogden half marathon (Sam and Richard did the 5k)... loved it.
  • Helicopter ride through Ogden canyon, beautiful.
  • Mountain biking on the Ogden trails that we LOVE in 75 degree weather
  • Late night, fall asleep during, movie at home with Sam

May 3, 2010

Gardening... apartment style

Ever since I started cooking, I have wanted to plant an herb garden. Every summer I would tell Sam, "When we get a house..." Well we have been married 3 years and still haven't settled down, so this summer we decided to make it happen, house or no house. Pots galore now line our stairwell, and I am loving being able to snip me herbs whenever I feel like it. Now if I can just keep them alive...

Here we go again...

Sam got a new toy. This means I can buy all the clothes I want for the next 10 years without any guilt :) We have had so much fun going on long Sunday drives and making short trips around town on it. Last weekend we took a trip to Park City and it is amazing how much more you appreciate the scenery when you aren't cooped up in a car. More pictures to come throughout the summer...

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