November 27, 2011

Little Houdini

Jenna never ceases to amaze us with the swaddles she can get out of, the pajamas she can scoot out of, and the positions she ends up in during the night/naps. Often we wake up to her with her pajamas missing, and she has somehow scooted out of them. She is one active little baby. Since her first week home she would somehow end up at the opposite side of the crib that we laid her down in. She has been rolling since 2 weeks old and hasn't stopped since.
Where did her pajamas go? Down by her waist, somehow :)
Sam was convinced she would stay swaddled if he did a special swaddle using safety pins. 15 minutes later this is how I found her.

Happy girl

There are no small smiles with this girl. We will do just about anything to get smiles out of her.

November 21, 2011


November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was filled with a cute hula girl, handing out candy at Sam's office, red curry, and The Office. The plan was to get a scary movie, until we remembered last year when we lasted all of 5 minutes of a horror movie we rented. So we opted for The Office instead, which did not disappoint.

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