July 23, 2012

I love this.

Life is so good with our little family of 3, and I am just soaking it all in. I love seeing Jenna grow. I love seeing the little things amaze her and make her smile and blab and squeal all day long. I love being a mother. 

July 6, 2012

A few favorites from my phone

Our little beach girl. At first Jenna was tolerated the water for a few minutes, then a few more, and now she would stay in all day if we would let her. She gets all giddy when we take her out of the car and she realizes we are at the beach.

I took this picture to send to my mom to show her how much Jenna loves her walks. Ha ha, instead it looks like I am torturing the poor girl. 

Not the monkey! Jenna was terrified of this monkey for about a week. It didn't help that it has velcro hands and Dad would hang it around her neck :)

Daddy knows how to get the best laughs

Jenna was gifted this sun hat from the neighbors, ha ha. 


Jenna is already fun to take shopping. I love my little girly. 

Jenna and Papa a few minutes after they picked us up from the airport. Jenna loves her Papa.

This pictures captures Jenna's favorite pose before learning to crawl -- the plank. It also captures her perma-pacifier -- her sucking on her tongue. Since taking away her pacifier at night, when she doesn't have her actual pacifier in she uses her tongue instead. Funny girl.  

July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We had a GREAT 4th of July. We had an early morning swim at Waimea, breakfast at Kono's, and then in the evening we met up with Kawika and Pua and their kids for the Schofield Army Base fireworks, This will definitely be our go-to place for the 4th of July-- the show was amazing. A whole half hour of a finale :) All of the kids loved the fireworks - they just sat their  in awe for the whole show. Living here in Hawaii, being white and living close to the base, plus with Sam's shaved head, everyone assumes we are a military family. Sam even had a guy come up and thank him for serving at the fireworks show :) How thankful we are for those who do serve our country, and for the freedoms we enjoy.


Jenna added the "nose scrunch" to her smile. I love it, although it makes her look quite devious :)

July 2, 2012

We'll Miss You, Ashley!

My sister, Ashley, has moved off island. I am excited for her to move onto bigger and better, but so sad to think of not being able to see her whenever we feel like it. She is such a great sister and auntie to Jenna. We had the best weekend before dropping Ashley off - she came and stayed with us and we spent time at all our favorite beaches and eateries,swam with dolphins at Waimea, and got in a few Speed Scrabble and Rook tournaments as well :)

I loved being able to call Ashley whenever and arrange times to meet up at the beach. I loved being able to have Ashley meet Sam and I at the temple to take Jenna on long walks so Sam and I could do a session together, and all going to McDonald's for hot fudge sundae's afterwards. I loved randomly running into Ashley at Waimea on Saturday afternoons. Most of all, I loved just having Ashley near. Ashley is sweet, fun, and such a great friend. Good luck in San Diego, Ash! We love you!

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