December 13, 2009

He did it!

Sam graduated Friday at the Dee Events Center. After 2 years at Dixie and 2 1/2 years at Weber, he was definitely ready. Sam started out college basically hating it, but knowing it was something that would be good for us. He ended college loving it, doing awesome in every class he took, and wanting to go onto the Masters program.
Sam's dad and sister came up for the day. His mom's flight got canceled due to the weather, she was so sad to miss it.
We had a fun day. We woke up early and met Wayne and Kenzie at Mimi's for breakfast. We LOVE eating breakfast there. Then was graduation, which went a lot quicker than I expected, with only a few short, but great, speeches. We came back to our house with everyone for a late lunch and spent the night at our ward holiday dinner. Congratulations, Sam! Now what?

December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks

I am thankful for... family, sunshine, a Heavenly Father and Savior, a husband who makes me happy, Christmas lights, summer, ocean, education, sisters, Breyers ice cream, friends, food blogging, the outdoors, Costco, my job, Friday night pizza and movies, cell phones, cars, laughing, Sam graduating, and so much more. So much to be thankful for.
Thanksgiving weekend brought... Brittany! I love having her got to college so close. She had a whole week off so we spent the first couple of days shopping, eating breakfast at Mimi's, watching chic flicks (including New Moon - better than the first one!), and laughing.
Brooke and the boys stopped by and spent the night on their way up to Cody's parents house. Nephews are so much fun. Sam's burnout video game is our only "toy" for the boys. They love it. We had fun staying up late talking, eating, and doing glitter toes.
We spent the last part of the week down in St. George with Matt and Jill and Sam's parents. We met up with Rachel and Richard and had so much fun rock climbing. Sam and I can't get enough of it. We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing. Thanksgiving day after the big meal me and Britt fell asleep reading, one of my favorite things in this world.
This needs to be documented: Me and Brittany at possibly the dumbest movie ever made... Old Dog. Friday night we went out to dinner and to see Blindside with Matt and Jill and Sam's parents, but unfortunately Blindside was sold out, thus we saw Old Dog. It was painful. Both being broke, it was killing Britt and I that we spent almost 10 bucks on Old Dog.

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