March 21, 2012

Happy Man

Sam with his 2 favorite toys - Jenna and his new Ipad. Sam has been waiting years to get an Ipad. I knew it was bad when I found his collection of aps he had been saving just in case he ever got one. So when he bought tickets to take me to visit my family (next week!), I talked him into getting the new Ipad (it didn't take much convincing). He waited at in line at Best Buy at 5am opening day and came home one happy man.

March 19, 2012


Aunty Linda and Uncle Phil were in town from California last week, so we headed over to their rental in Kaaawa for Dinner with them, as well as Kawika and JJ's families. It was the perfect evening with family, friends, and good food. Being all the way over here makes us appreciate our time with family so much more - nothing beats it.
Jenna LOVED rubbing Uncle Phil's head. It was so funny - Linda held her there for a good half hour while Jenna just rubbed away.

March 15, 2012

Stare Down

Jenna had a play date with Sariah, her friend born just 3 days after her. They had fun checking out each other's tricks. Sariah played with toys, while Jenna rolled back and forth, back and forth across the living room.

Rolling, Babbling, Toe Grabbing Girl

March 7, 2012

Diamond Head

On Saturday Honolulu was about the only spot on the island that wasn't supposed to be rainy all day, so we celebrated my 28th birthday hiking Diamond Head and going out to dinner. Jenna did a constant "Ummmm, Ummmm, Ummmm" the entire hike (please put that trick away!), which I am sure the people in front and back of us really appreciated :) The views up top were beautiful.

March 5, 2012

Ogden Reunion!

Thousands of miles away, we are still able to stay close with our best friends from Ogden. When Rachel and Richard heard we were coming to St. George for a few days, they spread the word and drove down from Ogden along with Spencer and Rachel, Dave and Melissa, and Scott and Megan. Talk about great friends! We only spent a day together but it was so, so nice. I remember when we first moved into our married student ward, a member of the bishopric talked in sacrament about how we would make lifelong friends while attending the ward. I remember distinctly thinking that there was no way, because Sam and I had been there a couple of months and felt so awkward and out of place. A year later, and we had made such great friends that I am sure we will be close with throughout our lives.
After Cafe Rio, we headed to the neatest park. It's full of lots of spinning/sliding toys that I am pretty sure adults enjoy as much as the kids (at least us adults)
Then headed to Menchies for some frozen yogurt
And ended the day at Richard's parent's house for some Around-the World ping pong - definitely one of our favorite games!
The girls (minus Rachel Coleman, who had to take off early)
The boys (minus Spencer)
Saying our good-byes... it was a bittersweet car ride home! It was so great to see our friends again, and at the same time so sad to say good bye. We are very grateful to have such wonderful friends.

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