February 28, 2010

Newest nephew...Joziah Bronson

Matt and Jill welcomed little baby Joziah on Wednesday. We rushed down Friday and had lots of fun getting to hold him all weekend. He is such a sweet baby; I never even heard him cry. We loved being able to play with Raquel and Reichlin as well, and I know Sam loved the late night video games with his brother. I feel so blessed to only have been born into such a great family, but married into a wonderful family as well. Thank you for letting us come, Matt and Jill!

February 22, 2010

Miss these guys

This weekend Dave, Melissa, and their little baby, Olivia, paid us a visit. It has only been a few weeks but we miss such great friends! How lucky we are that we close enough to still visit. 
It isn't everyday that Sam can find a friend as mature as he is. 
Dave and Melissa handmade this house warming gift, "Santos Bates". A true treasure.

February 21, 2010

Lost without Lost

We are part of the 99% of America that is hooked on Lost. Up until or move to Provo, Sam and I have never had TV. We had a TV, just no channels. We spend our weekend nights with movies and seasons, particularly LOST. A few days before we moved I went to work and set everything out for Sam to make dinner. When I came home, there was no dinner, I only had a few minutes until I had to go to a meeting, and I was a little ticked off and said a few not-so-nice words. When I came home from my meeting, Sam had set up this whole treasure hunt around our house, which led to..... Lost, Seasons 4 and 5. Turns out he was trying hard to get the "hunt" done before I came home from work, and that = no dinner, and that = what a great wife I am for getting mad. Good thing it's my first mistake ever :) 

February 10, 2010

Our new place

It is nice and cozy, new, and I am really liking it. We live in the basement of a nice family in our ward, and are close to the mall, Costco, and restaurants galore. I think it will work out great :)

Grandma and Grandpa Bates

This last weekend we headed up to California to visit Sam's grandma one last time. About 3 weeks ago she was given 5 weeks left to live. What we that be like - to know you only had a few weeks left? Although she was incredibly weak, she was still as sweet as ever, and even sweeter was her husband taking care of her. When she got sick he bought the love seat they are sitting on just so he could sit next to her, holding her hand. Grandpa Bates is a patriarch and one of the most Christ-like people I know. Even with his wife about to pass away, he was so concerned about everyone else and making sure everyone else was comfortable. What an example.

February 3, 2010

Take me back

This last summer in Hawaii was magical. No work, no school, nothing to do but spend our days on the beach. Since we've returned, Sam has been painting pictures that remind us of our years in Hawaii. I can't help but smile when I look at them, because for just a second, they take me back.

February 2, 2010

Sorry to disapoint you, but...

The last picture was taken 3 years ago, in Maui, on our Honeymoon. Our new place looks nothing like that, it is a small one bedroom basement :( But wouldn't it be nice if that was our real house! It was just the only photo I had on hand of Sam, the birthday boy. Anywasy, here's what's going on since the move:
  • Sam is loving his new job. Looks like it will work out quite nicely.
  • I am jobless. And going crazy. I figured I would substitute teach while I looked for a real job, and guess what? They are not accepting application for subs, because they have too many CERTIFIED TEACHERS that want to sub for under 8 bucks an hour. I am a little bitter.
  • We went to a family ward. In our married student ward, church was FUN. Fulfilling, but also FUN. Family ward- nice, but not quite so fun. I need to get used to old people again. It is hard for me to pretend like their jokes are funny.
  • We live right next to the greatest mall ever but I feel to guilty shopping, seeing as I am not working.
I didn't think a move only an hour a half a way would be a big deal, but being friendless and jobless has got me discouraged... I'll update soon as things are sure to get better :)

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