March 23, 2010

Quick Trip to AZ

There is nothing quite like going home. This last trip was a blast. I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with my family in that warm Arizona sun! Trips like these make it awfully hard to live so far away from family. I was finally able to see Ethan in action at his baseball game. He gets so into the game and got out a bunch of kids on 1st base.
Kade entertained us by shaking his booty while balancing. He is the cutest dancer.
1 hour in the sun = sunburn. Sad.
This was my favorite part of the trip. We shopped all afternoon and ended it with the Cheesecake Factory.
Since Sam was in Utah, I had lots of sleepovers with my sisters. They included the traditional presents (contest to see who can find the weirdest thing to give away), what-if questions, and truth or dare. No, I am not still12. But I can still appreciate a good sleep over :)
It was so nice to be able to spend most of our time outside. We played beach volleyball, badmitton, tennis, and went on bike rides. I was in heaven.
We talked Brooke into seeing if she could still spin around the bar... she used to be able to do it faster than any of us. 3 kids later and she's still got it! he he. Brooke is the greatest big sister. She spoils us all almost as much as our mom and is the best mom to her little boys.
My Mom is amazing. She is so much fun to be around, spends all her time doing things for others, and spoils us like crazy every time we visit. Her and my father are such great parents.

March 9, 2010

twenty-six, yikes!

Inching closer and closer to 30.... it's starting to scare me! Because after 30, is 40. However, the day was wonderful. I woke up early to a TP'd house with all sorts of funny signs. Sam is a real trooper to carry on my family's traditions. We went to an early breakfast at Mimi's, I worked most of the day, and came home from work to flowers, dinner with Sam, and a late night movie at home. I think Sam was exhausted by the time the day was over :)
My wishes for year 26: 1. a BABY! 2. that our jobs work out 3. that if our jobs don't work out, one in Hawaii does 4. increased peace and balance in my life
(Don't be alarmed by the bloody neck, it's just Bella)

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