August 29, 2012


Our hotel was in Interlaken. It was a beautiful little town. We spent a day and a half, as well as our evenings, walking the town. It was small enough that you could get everywhere by foot. We asked around and found the best pastry and chocolate shops and made good use of them :) Everyone in Switzerland speaks multiple languages, and it was so neat to be in stores or restaurants and hear the workers peak to us in English, then another person in German, another in French, and so on. 

Interlaken was full of para gliders. There were always at least a couple in the sky.

The train station - It was really easy to get anywhere we wanted by train and cable car. Each day we went to a different town.

The busy part of the town looked like this - a bunch of little shops lined side by side. There were tons of watch, Swiss army knife, chocolate, and pastry shops. 

Every sandwich we had was pretty much the same - homemade bread with a thin slice of ham or salami, a slice of cheese, and a slice of a pickle as well as a slice of a hard boiled egg. If it wouldn't have made me sick, I would have skipped the sandwiches and eaten only sweets. Their pastries and tarts were delicious. All of the fruits were so fresh, as were their butters and creams. It tasted like everything was fresh off the farm (and from the look of the country, it probably was).

The chocolate looked and tasted amazing. It was just fun having so many different types to choose from.

At night we would make it back around 7ish from our travels, and either eat at the hotel or around town, and then get some gelato before heading back to listen to music at the hotel.

Our favorite restaurant was The Goldener Anker, and we ate there twice. All of the veggies and meats were so fresh, and they served really good homemade herb butter and bread, and homemade sorbet for dessert. Jenna was usually crashed out by this point. 

We went on a boat tour through Interlaken one afternoon. The water was such a brilliant blue color. All around the country there were houses in the most random spots on the hills, many of them without a road in sight. We never could figure out how they could get to and form their homes.

Jenna took advantage of any chance to get a nap in. She was out for the entire 2 hour tour.

There was a train that went to the top of the mountains behind our hotel, that went up at a 60 degree angle. It took us to some of the most beautiful views of the entire trip.

August 28, 2012

Our Hotel ~ The Victoria Jungfrau

Our hotel was beautiful. It was built hundreds of years ago, and they have since renovated it but kept the original style.  We were treated like royalty, with fruits and chocolates and pastries left on our nightstands each night and throughout the day. The first night we didn't know what was going on when they came in to get our bed ready for us to go to sleep, but we got used to being waited on pretty quickly :) 

The architecture was beautiful. It seemed like we were discovering new rooms and areas throughout the entire week.

My favorite part of the hotel was our balcony. The weather was perfect and we loved sitting out and watching the para gliders land in the park right in front of us. 

They would leave fruits, chocolates, and pastries on our nightstands for us throughout the day. After asking one of the concierge's where I could buy more of the chocolates they had given us, we came up to our room a few hours later to find 5 boxes of them.  

At night a violinist and pianist would play below in front of our room, and Sam and I would put Jenna to bed and sit out on the balcony talking, eating chocolates and listening to the music.

Jenna loved having new places to explore. She was a big fan of the huge bathtub. 

We ate all of our  breakfasts at the hotel. Breakfasts were filled with the best homemade jams and croissants and a variety of gourmet cheeses and breads. I am not a cheese person but I loved all the different cheeses. Sam's favorite was the cherry jam.
In the evenings we would go down and listen to Ramone play the piano. He was amazing. We never did find a song that he couldn't play. He loved Jenna, and she loved listening to him. 

On our last night, we had promised Ramone that we would bring Jenna down so he could get a picture with her. We were out at a late dinner, and came back and put Jenna to sleep and completely forgot. Luckily Sam remembered before it was too late, so we woke Jenna up and brought her down for a picture with Ramone. 

We ate a few of our dinners at the hotel. On our last evening, we dressed up and went to a really nice dinner at the hotel. The room that we ate in was amazing. There were so many different types of foods, but Sam and I both ended up filling up on the shrimp and chocolate fountain. The chocolate was way better than the chocolate fountains I have had in the past. We ended up filling up a bowl of chocolate and dipping our gelato and other desserts in it as well, as did another couple at our table :) During the dinner they had an amazing singer perform for us. She was a modern day Whitney Houston (black and super good, ha ha). She said she had just performed for Donald Trump's daughter for her birthday party. 


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