November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was so much fun! As soon as I got off of work we went to Cafe Rio and then walked around the mall for a couple of minutes. Tons of people trick or treat at the mall here- kinda weird but it's fun to see so many costumes in one place. Then we went over to Lacey and Todd's to carve pumpkins and eat tons of junk food. We were supposed to watch a scary movie but we just talk to much and before we knew it it was late.
Saturday we had our Ward's Halloween Stomp- a costume dance. We had no idea what to be and Saver's was completely picked over but we managed to find Sam an old mechanic's shirt so he wore that, and covered himself in black paint to look like grease. I was a substitute teacher with a paper airplane stuck in my hair, a "kick me" sign on my bad, etc. Very homemade and very easy!
The best part of the dance was the DANCE OFF! I pushed Sam and and he ended up winning the thing with his killer break dance moves! I tried to get a picture but you can't tell that he's even dancing.

Goodbye, Dirt Bike!

Sam has always wanted a dirt bike, and last February I gave in and after looking for a couple of months he got one. We had no where to keep it, so it got put next to our kitchen table! We assumed there would be tons of places to ride around here but the are none for a couple of hours. So by the middle of the summers he had only gone a few times, and decided to sell it. It sold in 10 minutes! He was soooo sad the rest of the night, but I am not going to miss having our house smell like gasoline!

Mountain Biking

When we moved here a year ago Sam was so excited to have trails to mountain bike on. I have finally learned to really enjoy it and we spend a lot of Saturday mornings on the trails behind Weber State. I like it for the good workout and pretty scenery and Sam likes it for the jumps! A while ago we came across this snake and Sam chased it into the bushed and finally caught it.

Overnight Horseride

Some of our best friends, David and Melissa, invited us to go on an overnight horse ride/camping trip. It was so much fun! Todd and Lacey came also. We left around 7:30 so we only had about 1/2 an hour of daylight, so we spent 3 hours riding through spooky trails in complete darkness. It was kind of scary but the horses can see somehow and we made it to our camp spot around midnight. We had tons of treats, went to bed under the stars, and headed back early. Sam doesn't have experience with horses but LOVED riding. We made the 4 hour trip back in about 1 hour thanks to Sam who ran the whole way, of course making all of our horses run too. I can't believe no one got hurt. Every once in a while we would get a break when Sam would disappear off the trail on his horse. Who knew I married a cowboy :) We were all walking around weird at church the next day because we were so sore!

Summer Fun

Sam and I spent almost every weekend of the summer camping! By the end I was definitely over ti but I think Sam would still go into the winter if he could. We found this great spot right next to the Causey Reservoir. We had these cheap pool floaty mats that we would sleep on at night and then we would use them to go all over the reservoir in the morning. I know, we are cheap! But we had a blast. There was tons of cliff jumping and just beautiful scenery.

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