November 12, 2010

Nice Blades

There aren't many things I have to beg Sam to do, but roller blading is one of them. It doesn't help that EVERY time we roller blade the Provo River Trail, some smart aleck BYU student (male) tells Sam, "Nice Blades" as we go by. This week I talked Sam into going, telling him that he just had to go because all of the fall leaves would be changing colors. Well, all the trees were dead, but Sam humored me anyways and got into the above stance when we would pass by people. I really, really love being married to someone that makes me laugh.

November 2, 2010

Big Sister

Brooke is the best big sister I could ask for. Even though I must have been a FEISTY little sister from the stories told to me (remember those round brushes that were impossible to get out of your hair if you twisted the wrong way? I thought it was funny to use ours as a weapon and I remember my mom spending her evening untangling it out of Brooke's hair), I cannot think of one thing Brooke did to tease. She has always just been a great friend. Whenever we visit, she goes out of her way to plan her entire schedule around ours to make sure we have time to fit in plenty of sister time. Even though she has three boys, is going through nursing school, and does a million other things, somehow she has time to continue to look out for everyone else. After a rough couple of weeks, we got a knock on the door the other night, and these beautiful flowers were delivered from Brooke. Thank you, Brooke! I absolutely love them.

November 1, 2010

Nelson's Grove

This little park is my favorite thing about our neighborhood. All summer I ran down to this park and ran a couple loops as the sun came up. It was quite a way to start the day. I gotta give it to Utah, they have the prettiest parks in almost every neighborhood. If only they weren't covered in snow 3/4 of the year :)

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