October 16, 2012

A Few Favorites

No matter where Jenna goes, she is almost always carrying along something. It is always changing, but she usually picks something to carry and hangs onto it for a few hours, whether it be a stuffed animal, a leaf at the park, a spoon, her blankie, or a post it note. 

Jenna loves mirrors. Lately she has been talking to herself plenty in front of them.

She loves pushing this little car around the house. It plays barbie music, so she likes to dance (shake her bum) while she pushes.

Books are her all time favorite. She spends a lot of her time having me read to her or just looking through them carefully. I love how when I sit down next to her to read, she comes over and plops herself on my lap and hands me a book to read to her. 


Brandi Schall said...

She's so adorable! And getting big. She's at that perfect age :) Glad you guys are doing do well. I loved reading your Switzerland posts, I want to go to there :)

Laraine Eddington said...

What a busy happy girl.


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